PD co-ordinators – What you need to know for your project

PD co-ordinators – What you need to know for your project

CDM co-ordinators (CDM-Cs) are appointed by a client to undertake various actions on a project; we discuss what their roles are and how you can ensure you are complying with regulations.

The CDM 2007 Regulations are in place to focus attention on effective planning and management of construction projects, from design concept onwards and also the ensure that health and safety considerations are to be treated as a normal part of the project’s development.

Therefore the main object of the CDM 2007 Regulations is to reduce the risk of harm to those that have to build, use, maintain and demolish structures

The most frequently asked question is surely, when should a CDM-C be appointed? The answer is simple; any client should appoint a CDM-C as early as possible and no later than after initial design work is completed.

The initial design work includes feasibility studies and any work necessary to identify the client requirements or possible constraints on the development.

Which projects require a CDM-C however? A clients has to appoint a CDM-C on all notifiable projects, according the Health and Safety Executive, projects are notifiable if the construction phase will be longer than 30 days, or 500 person days of construction work, except where there is a domestic client.

Any day on which construction work takes place is counted. What matters is how many days of construction work the project entails, not when these days occur or the start and finish dates. The HSE have provided some examples:

  • 1 person working for 31 days (actual construction work) – notifiable.
  • 60 people working for 10 days = 600 person days (based on an 8-hour day) – notifiable.
  • 90 people working 3 x 8-hour shifts (30 per shift) for 6 days = 540 person days – notifiable.
  • 30 people working 3 x 8-hour shifts (10 per shift) for 10 days = 300 person days – not notifiable.

Work carried out before the construction phase begins should not be included.

Before appointing a CDM-C it is advised that a client is aware of their responsibilities or role, any CDM-C is required to undertake the following actions:

Advice and Assistance, they are to provide a client with advice on what measures they need to undertake to comply with CDM 2007. This also includes advising and assisting the client on the following actions:

  • assessment of designer and contractor competence ;
  • adequacy of client management arrangements for the project and the management arrangements of contractors;
  • maintenance and review of such arrangements throughout the project;
  • adequacy of the principal contractor construction phase plan; and
  • adequacy of the welfare facilities.

Co-ordination and Co-operation, it is their responsibility to ensure that arrangements are in place for co-ordination and co-operation during the planning and preparation phase. This includes implementation of health and safety measures and the application of general principles of prevention by all involved.

Pre-construction information (PCI), PCI has to be collected by the CDM-C, the information consists of all the information which is relevant to the health and safety of those engaged in, affected by the work or using the structure as a future work place.

The relevant parts must be promptly provided, in a convenient form, to every:

  • person designing the structure;
  • the principal contractor; and
  • any other contractor who has or may be appointed by the client.

Designer Compliance, they need to ensure that the designers are also complying with their CDM duties.

In particular the co-ordinator must make sure that designers have in place arrangements to avoid foreseeable risk in preparing designs, including arrangements for:

  • eliminating hazards giving rise to risks;
  • reducing risk from any remaining hazards; and
  • providing information on residual risks.

For further information about the roles of a CDM-C and to ensure you are complying with the law, visit the Health and Safety Executive Website, www.hse.gov.uk.

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