Asbestos Business Health Check

Are you confident your business is compliant?

Derisk will undertake a desktop review and audit of your current asbestos arrangements against the current statutory requirements, a complete ‘top to bottom’ health check, followed by a summary of recommendations for implementation of appropriate and reasonably practical solutions.

For our clients we will:

  • Undertake risk identification to include contract review, risk matrices and behavioural attitude
  • Programme audits, design and environmental impacts to form part of risk analysis
  • Risk control to be achieved through site surveys, asbestos management system appraisals and licensed asbestos removal contractor audits on your sites.
  • Innovative solutions will ensure practical yet independent solutions are appropriate for what is needed.

Ensuring your business or portfolio is suitably protected and managed is a statutory requirement. Entrust that responsibility to Derisk and rest in the knowledge you have discharged your duties correctly and appropriately. We are specialists in asbestos management, carrying out an asbestos health check can often provide the clarification you need.

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