Fire Strategy

A fire strategy is “an all-encompassing document designed to overview how fire can impact on a building and a business”.

Developing a fire risk strategy

A fire can threaten not only life safety but also an organisation’s assets and ability to operate normally, thereby disrupting business functionality.

Derisk can advise on how to comprehensively manage fire risks. We can help organisations with their approach to fire safety management by ensuring that appropriate policy, objective setting, identifying roles and responsibilities and developing an all-encompassing fire strategy is achieved.

Strategy purpose

The primary aim of a fire strategy is to design, manage, plan and co-ordinate appropriate fire safety procedures that reflect the organisation’s fire safety policy and objectives.

Derisk can assist organisations and businesses in setting a clear framework for fire safety and ensure that any specific objectives set to meet policy principles are implemented and met.

Implementation & Reviews

Derisk can assist with gaining acceptance of the strategy within an organisation’s culture, by ensuring its integration with the strategic and day-to-day, management and alignment with its business priorities.

Derisk understand the key is to highlight that the strategy and will assist in the delivery of the overall objectives of the organisation in a cost-effective way. A review of the fire risk strategy should be carried out regularly. This could be driven by the review of risk assessments.

Such changes that might prompt a review are:

  • A change in the number of people present or the characteristics of the occupants
  • Changes to work procedures, including the introduction of new equipment
  • Alterations to the building, including the internal layout
  • Significant changes to assets within the premises

The introduction or increase in the storage of hazardous substances.

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