Health and Safety Management Planning

Asafety management system is a formal process to review the safety of your business, evaluate risks and make a plan to control them. Elements include training, communication, emergency response and measuring the effectiveness of the system.

The benefits of  installing and maintaining an effective health and safety management system are widely recognised, however actually developing the necessary systems to deliver these improvements are often less well understood.

Putting a safety management system into place saves money. Reducing liability and risk in the workplace lowers insurance claims and premiums. The system ensures regulatory compliance, so fines and other costs associated with noncompliance are reduced or eliminated

Derisk brings this knowledge and experience to you and your organisation and allows you to be safe in the knowledge that not only are you discharging your legal duties correctly but delivering real change

Derisk provides clients with professionally qualified and extremely capable Health and Safety Professionals with a proven track record in delivering change and delivering improved performance through effective risk management. Offering a wide breadth of service to the Construction Industry, Facilities Management industry, Housing Associations and other individual duty holders, we understand what ‘added value’ actually means to our Clients.

Derisk offer our clients comprehensive:

  1. Health and safety consultancy and health checks.
  2. Construction safety service
  3. Premises safety management and audit services
  4. Derisk are able to offer the above services on a one off basis or retained annual service.

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