Statutory Risk Assessments

Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Risk Assessment

The purpose of the risk assessment is to demonstrate that, in accordance with Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, a suitable and sufficient assessment has been made of:

  1. the risks to the health and safety of your company employees based at your business address
  2. the risks to the above staff when working on premises/site or visiting other offices;
  3. the risks to the health and safety of agency staff, contractors and visitors working at or visiting the office.

The assessments are presented in tabular form and applies to six key areas:

  1. Safety Hazards
  2. Health Hazards
  3. Personal Security
  4. Office/Site Safety
  5. Visitor Safety
  6. Contractor Safety

Premises Safety Inspections

We are often asked to complete premises safety inspections by employers and ‘responsible persons’ who have a responsibility to manage property, be it an office, workshop, retail unit or houses of multiple occupancy.
Premises safety inspections incorporate the key elements of the Housing Health & Safety Rating System, (HHSRS) which summarised includes:

  1. Electrical safety
  2. Gas safety
  3. Fire safety of furniture and furnishings
  4. Physiological requirements
  5. Protection against infections
  6. Protection against accidents

Bespoke Risk Assessments

Derisk can produce all manner of bespoke Risk Assessments for your business.

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