Principal Designer Duties

Under the CDM 2015 Regulations where there is more than one contractor, or it is reasonably foreseeable that more than one contractor will be working on your project at any time, then you must appoint a Principal Designer (PD).

As the appointed PD Derisk will ensure the following legal duties are completed:

  • Plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and coordinate matters relating to health and safety during the pre-construction phase to ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, the project is carried out without risks to health or safety.
  • Take into account the general principles of prevention and, where relevant, the content of any construction phase plan and health and safety file.
  • Identify and eliminate or control, so far as reasonably practicable, foreseeable risks to the health or safety of any person-
    • carrying out or liable to be affected by construction work;
    • maintaining or cleaning a structure; or
    • using a structure designed as a workplace.
  • Ensure that all persons working in relation to the pre-construction phase cooperate with the client, the principal designer and each other.
  • Assist the client in the provision of the pre-construction information required by regulation and so far as it is within the principal designer’s control, prove pre-construction information, promptly and in a convenient form, to every designer and contractor appointed, or being considered for appointment, to the project.
  • Liase with the principal contractor for the duration of the principal designer’s appointment and share with the principal contractor information relevant to the planning, management and monitoring of the construction phase and the coordination of health and safety matters during the construction phase.

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