Asbestos Pre-Construction Information (PCI) Review

Asbestos Pre-Construction Information (PCI) Review
Varies, quotes on project-to-project basis
Varies, quotes on project-to-project basis
Principal Contractors / Developers / Building Consultants

About the Project

How confident are you that the asbestos information that you have is competent, complete and sufficient for purpose?

Are you unwittingly about to embark on works where the risks cannot be wholly established, or are you about to undertake entirely unnecessary works based on an overstated and inconsequential risk?

At Derisk we can help by carrying out a comprehensive review of all of the pre-construction information to create a register of all identified asbestos containing materials, non-asbestos materials, and crucially all areas of limited or no access, limitations and caveats.

The review will generally include –

• existing asbestos surveys; 

• asbestos management plans and arrangements; 

• previous asbestos removal documentation; 

• certificates of reoccupation

We will provide a comprehensive register of all items and a detailed report to identify the gaps in the information with recommendations for achieving full compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Did You Know?

We work very closely with a client who has previously suffered a significant prosecution and fine simply for missing a listed limitation of access item within a very large asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey report. This limitation, unfortunately, led to uncontrolled disturbance of previously unidentified Asbestos Insulating Board and the exposure to a number of contractors working on the project. 

We also work very closely with a client who has previously failed to competently interpret the results of a survey and previous asbestos removal works, and has planned completely unnecessary asbestos removal works based on a completely inconsequential risk. We have written new Asbestos Management Arrangements with supporting risk assessments based directly in the HSE Guidance and have saved the client a very significant spend on their project.

Project Challenges

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