City of London Development Manager

Asbestos Surveying and Structural Investigations
City of London Based Development Manager

About the Project

Derisk were appointed to carry out a composite asbestos survey and structural investigation report to deliver design critical data to the professional team to enable a major refurbishment of a large City of London office and retail complex.

Derisk engaged the services of Develop, the specialist construction arm of the DE Group to provide the structural opening up of the building fabric in accordance with the scope requirements of the structural engineers. Attendance provided by the Asbestos Survey team ensured both asbestos safety and also collection of building material data which was pertinent to the final results of the Refurbishment Asbestos Survey report.

The planning and execution of the investigation works, combining both asbestos survey and structural opening up delivered early information to the Project team to allow planning of the required design information and also budget and programing milestones.

Did You Know?

Project Challenges

The building in question remained fully operational throughout our investigations. Planning of the work was required to be tailored to suit the differing uses of the individual units that comprise the Property, a combination of normal working hours for back of house areas, and nights or weekends for the occupied or public areas of the site.

The structural opening up included the following elements:

 External marble cladding panels; 

 Exposure and measurement of rebar within structural beams; 

 Exposure and measurement of RC beams to proposed new lift pit; 

 Removal of wall finishes and concrete cover to establish reinforcement and size.

This composite service was a key factor in ‘derisking’ the Project from unknown anomalies.

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