Circa £120million
64 Weeks
Port of Tilbury London Limited (PoTLL)

About the Project

Derisk have been appointed as Principal Designer and Strategic Construction Safety Advisors for the development of Tilbury2 Port expansion, on land at the former Tilbury Power Station. The new port will double the amount of cargo into the UK, increasing from 16m tonnes to 32m tonnes. The scope of development works at Tilbury2 is as follows:

• New infrastructure corridor (road/rail/cycle lane/footways), new road over rail bridge, culverting, landscaping/ecology corridors and associated drainage and service infrastructure.

• New Roll on Roll off terminal comprising rail network, ground remediation, pavements, duct works, drainage, lighting, fencing, associated gate houses, security systems and amenity office buildings, new warehousing and associated service and infrastructure. Demolition of remaining existing buildings.

• New container terminal, storage silos, gate systems, rail sidings, associated process plants and amenities and geotechnical investigation.

• New marine structures, Roll on Roll off linkspans and dolphins, modifications to existing jetty and demolition of deck side M&E, installation of aggregate conveyors and associated plant, services and infrastructure.

Acting as Principal Designer, our scope of work comprises of the following:

• Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the H&S of the design and pre-construction phase of the project.

• Ensuring Design mitigation risks within the design of the main build and significant temporary works.

• Prepare the Pre-Construction Information (PCI):

- Attend 1 pre-start site visit and ongoing on-site meeting to identify specific hazards of the site as observed

- Advise Client about the need for any specialist surveys, investigations etc.

• Review Construction Phase Plans (CPP).

• Support Designers to avoid foreseeable risks.

• Advise on Contactors capability (skills, training and experience).

• Liaise with the Principal Contractor to support them coordinating the construction phase.

• Inform Client of their Duties and support Client to carry out specific tasks, as identified in CDM 2015.

• Notify the project on behalf of the Client (F10), if the project meets the criteria.

• Support Client to monitor the H&S of the construction phase.

• Support Client to ensure the Principal Contractor provides sufficient Welfare facilities.

• Monitor ongoing site activities and report deficiencies to the Client.

• Prepare and complete the Health and Safety File.

Did You Know?

Project Challenges

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