Derisk can carry out a number of different safety audits depending on your specific requirements

Project Management Support

Safety Advisor Support

With a broad portfolio of project experience, ranging from High Speed Rail Infrastructure, Demolition, Refurbishment, Fit Out, Asbestos management and associated works Derisk can provide intimate support to any project team through professionally qualified Chartered IOSH and OSHCR registered consultants.

Contractor Vetting

As part of our service we can assist you in developing your supply chain to ensure that it meets the exacting standards expected by your organisation, this process involves desk top studies of their submission followed by a physical audit of their operational capabilities. This methodical approach ensures that you are not exposing your Clients or business to unnecessary risk from the use of contractors who do not share your professionalism or commitment to the very highest standards.

Specialist Bid-team Support

With a strong commercial understanding of how reducing your risk profile can attract Clients, we are able to support you and your commercial team on the production of tender documentation and attend Client meetings as your specialist advisor.

This service can include the preparation and delivery of specialist presentations, which will demonstrate to prospective Clients that you have the necessary expertise and competence to undertake their projects.

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