Expert Competent Person Services

January 14, 2021
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Derisk (UK) Ltd provide all contractors and retailers with expert Competent Person services within both Network Rail and Transport for London stations (i.e. managed stations within London, major cities and interchanges which have strict and regulated safety requirements), as well as train operator locations too. 

With a swift, and thorough service, we ensure delivery to landlord review within 24 hours of receipt and keep in close contact with landlords and management teams to ensure your submission is attended to positively with an enviable success rate. 

Derisk (UK) Ltd are well regarded by station operators and landlords alike. As part of our services to clients we also attend any pre-start and progress meetings within the mainland UK.

Along with our CDM Principal Designer services and NR landlord’s consent administration services, our Competent Person and overall railway service is reliable, consistent, thorough and time efficient, helping to ensure all projects and maintenance, no matter how large or small, continue or begin on time with minimal delay or disruption.

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