Pret A Manger

Circa £1.1million (our framework value to date with further projects nationally in the pipeline)
Pret A Manger

About the Project

Derisk (UK) Ltd provide Pret A Manger with Safety Assurance and Principal Designer services whilst they continually increase their property portfolio across central London, Northern and Southern England, the Midlands and in Scotland.

As part of our Principal Designer role, we carry out the following duties:

• Collect and issue pre-construction information via communication with the Principal Contractors and Designers.

• Collate and review existing health and safety file information.

• Attend various project meetings.

• Undertake site safety inspections, collating this data for performance analysis and presentation.

• Deliver the health and safety file upon completion of the project.

We also issue regular safety bulletins and alerts to the construction team highlighting common hazards that appear on site and ways to control them.

As well as providing the Principal Designer role, we also offer strategic health and safety assurance and advice via fire engineering solutions, maximising the shops potential, fire risk assessments, and asbestos consultancy, management and removal.

Did You Know?

Project Challenges

The immediate challenges faced were around understanding the process by which Pret work during these projects. Due to the fast-paced nature and quick turnaround times this can be both challenging and demanding, however the relationships and trust we have developed with thePret Project Managers, Design and Contractor teams has made this enjoyable. We have to be flexible and adaptable in reacting to sudden changes within the project programme as well as understanding the Contractors working methods and needs.

To overcome these challenges, with the Client we reviewed the existing construction process to identify areas where efficiencies could be made, designed, prepared and assisted with the implementation of the new process. These efficiencies were found primarily during the pre-construction phase, focusing on the design process and ensuring all duty holders fully understood their specific project challenges their roles and facilitated regular communication. This has increased the efficiency, safety standards, speed of delivery and overall quality of the projects.

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