By its very nature, the overriding focus of health and safety is the immediate management of risk, protecting people, property and businesses now — and on into the future. There is, however, also the broader consideration of the world we leave for the generations that follow. At Derisk, risk management is at the core: we safeguard today without ever losing sight of our environmental impacts for tomorrow.

Dedicated to sustainability

In keeping with all DE Group companies, at Derisk we understand the potential environmental impacts — not only of our own operations, but also those of our clients. Accordingly, we recognise the multiple opportunities we have to make responsible decisions that benefit the world around us. In the delivery of our health and safety consultancy and risk management services we continually seek to make sustainable, efficient and ethical choices, to ensure that our environmental impact is as positive as possible.

Whilst some processes are currently inevitably more carbon emitting than we would like, we’re absolutely committed to further reducing our output and mitigating our environmental impacts in every aspect of our operations. We continue to put in place protocols and processes to monitor, substantiate and improve the reductions we make in carbon and greenhouse gas outputs. Robust external reporting and third-party verification of this data provide reassurance for our customers, partners and stakeholders.

risk management
risk management


To assist clients in making informed, environmentally responsible choices across every aspect of our health and safety consultancy, we also provide detailed analytical information with regard to all of the materials and processes involved. In every aspect of our operations, we always strive to deliver the most environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions possible.

Our legacy isn’t purely environmental. We must also consider social and community perspectives and the unique opportunities we have to add social value for generations to follow. In safeguarding people, businesses and property, our guiding principle is always the achievement of maximum benefit to the locations of our work and the neighbourhoods that surround them.

Sustainability & our environment

As a group, we understand the role we have to play in shaping the built environment, and the responsibility we share in safeguarding the future of our planet. Accordingly, we are absolutely committed to maximising sustainability across all of our operational capabilities.

To this end, we have established seven pillars of focus that provide a platform for our path to sustainability. From defining stages through to embedding individual behaviours, each pillar is supported by a clearly articulated plan of action.

Sustainability — our seven pillars of focus

How we set, monitor, and manage key business objectives and KPIs.

How we manage all strategic and financial activities.

All project, bidding, and tendering operations.

The management and delivery of all transport, mobile plant, and associated processes.

Existing and emerging material and technology solutions.

Identification, management, and improvement of workplaces and company assets.

Project and non-project related social values and community engagement activities.

A clearly defined series of plans, requirements and objectives underpins each pillar. These include, but are not limited to: the responsible management and use of raw materials and valuable resources like gas and water; reductions and efficiencies in waste operations; innovation and our use of existing and emerging technologies; the sustainable re-use and re-purposing of the materials we use and every aspect of our travel, purchasing and delivery activities.

Our carbon neutral ambitions are not open-ended. As a group, our board of directors have set a target date of 2032.

In order to achieve this commitment and deliver on our vision, it is essential that every company and individual within our organisation follows our sustainability roadmap. Employing a collaborative and inclusive approach, we seek to engage clients, supply chains and partners in this process, with all stakeholders fully aligned with our carbon-neutral ambitions.
With appropriate SMART objectives driving continuous improvement across all business divisions and activities, our sustainability initiative is endorsed and supported by our accreditations to ISO 9001; 14001 and 45001.

In safeguarding the working practices and workplaces of many, we recognise our legacy, our environmental responsibilities and our solemn commitment to sustainability. For this reason, we are absolutely committed to making available all of the resources, authorities and support necessary to realise our carbon neutral objectives. To achieve this, we’re working as a group, following a top-down approach to ensure that we deliver on all of our environmental promises.
Helen Collarbone, DE Group Associate Director — Sustainability & Systems

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