Who we are

Who we are

We are the provider of choice for risk management and trusted specialists in health and safety consultancy services.

health and safety consultancy services

A trusted provider of

From health and safety awareness courses to HSE guidance on risk assessments; from risk management training to construction design management… at Derisk, we’re entrusted with health and safety leadership by a diverse array of organisations across a broad spectrum of business sectors.

Collaboration is key

With human, material and technical resources in our specialist health and safety consultancy services sector more stretched than ever before, a constant, reliable supply chain is more than essential — it’s a non-negotiable.

At Derisk, the majority of capabilities are in-house, whilst every link in our supply chain is strong. From direct labour and acquisition to partnering, collaboration is key, enabling us to assure clients of a steadfast, dependable service — every step of the way.

Collaboration and innovation go hand in hand

The power of our people

The driving force behind Derisk is the passion, the determination and the talent of our people. As an organisation, we embrace diversity and are committed to investing in the personal and professional development of each and every one of our workforce, from front line to boardroom. We believe in empowering human potential, recruiting and investing today in the development of our business leaders of tomorrow.

Integrity & trust

Do the right thing… it’s the guiding principle behind all of our individual and collective actions. From the smallest personal gesture to behaviours at a corporate level, sound moral and ethical principles must guide our every thought and action. Trust is built on integrity and transparency — it characterises our relationships at all levels, from colleagues and clients to supply chain partners and external stakeholders. This basis of trust provides a platform for effective collaboration, fostering teams aligned by a shared vision and a united outlook. Irrespective of status and position within the organisation, it also engenders a culture of genuine mutual respect between individual team members.


Honesty is shown by everything we say and do. It is a core value that shapes our professional and personal lives, our careers, our relationships, and how we feel about ourselves. It informs our actions and forms the basis of our interactions with everyone around us. Honesty is everything.

Accountability & ownership

Accountability is a key driver of progress. By taking ownership of what we are tasked with, we don’t simply settle for second best — we continually commit to doing things better and striving for excellence. When we’re accountable, we feel fully responsible for our actions as teams and as individuals.

Commitment to customers

Customers must know that, above all, we have their interests at heart. Only by providing quality products, processes and service every time can we deliver premium value, positively influencing our customers’ decision-making and, in so doing, earning their long-term loyalty.


Leadership is a role for all of us, irrespective of our position within the organisation. It means showing respect for everyone we deal with. It means being authentic and consistent in our attitude and approach. And it means having the humility to be aware of our limitations, and the ability to listen and learn from others.

Continual improvement

By nurturing creativity, inspiring innovation and constantly looking for ways to improve, we can pursue incremental improvement and strive for excellence in everything we do. Simplicity is key. If we avoid stratification and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, we can continually streamline our processes and help one another to do things better.
Our name says it all. Thanks to the committed, collaborative efforts of our highly experienced and qualified health and safety consultants, we are trusted by clients of all sizes across multiple sectors with risk management and the safeguarding of their people, their partners, and the wider public.
Shane Bailey DipOSH GradIOSH MIIRSM IMaPS MSyI MISRM MIFSM AMIFPO, Associate Director

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