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Grenfell Tower


Grenfell Rd




provision of counter-terrorism security compliance and assurance


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Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) prior to transfer to DLUCH

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Project details

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017, Derisk were appointed as principal designer and CDM advisor to the client to assist with ensuring that the building was and continues to be maintained in situ, and stable to allow for ongoing access inspections and investigations to take place.

Derisk were appointed as part of a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary team to advise the independent site management group and team, while also ensuring that RBKC were undertaking any statutory duties required as part of CDM regulations, as landlord and designated client.

This work has been undertaken in conjunction with the DLUCH and the HSE. The ownership of the site has now been formally transferred to the government, directly to DLUCH from July 2019, along with any relevant appointments and contracts being procured direct by government with relevant parties as required.

Scope of works

Works being carried out on the tower have been split into multiple phases, starting with the erection of props to stabilise the building, followed by the erection of scaffolding to allow for the removal of materials, both of which then allow for investigations to take place — currently we are appointed to the maintenance phase.

Our role on this scheme is to ultimately ensure that the building is safe. Our duties comprise of the following:

  • to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the pre-construction phase
  • to produce the Health and Safety file and collate information from all parties involved
  • to ensure the design work in the pre-construction phase contributes to the delivery of positive health and safety outcomes
  • to review drawings and design changes through the project and raise any associated issues with respect to Health and Safety with the design team
  • to hold regular design meetings to discuss the risks that should be addressed during the pre-construction phase
  • to decide on the control measures to be adopted and to agree the information that will help prepare the construction phase plan
  • to collect and collate the pre-construction information
  • to monitor the H&S of the project by attending site twice a week
  • to assist the CDM client in meeting their statutory duties, a duty which includes regular liaison with the local council and government officials.

Project constraints

Derisk have successfully managed the challenges presented by the project, doing this sensitively and pragmatically while ensuring the safety of the structure and surrounding environment. Good communication skills and an awareness of concerns from the wider community are vital aspects of coordinating the large project team and government representatives, as well as interacting positively with the neighbourhood community.

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