Filming & Event Support
Derisk offer specialist advice and support with full safety coordination for live events and production environments. As well as providing compliance guidance for sites and venues ensuring regulatory and legislative responsibilities are met, we also help enhance safety and security measures while reducing risk.

Our consultants can work with your teams to ensure that production, event and venue, safety and security is upheld and enhanced. We achieve this by:

- Attending site recces, providing general advice and guidance on potential risk areas.

- Advise all stakeholders on their regulatory and legislative responsibilities.

- Ensure that creative ideas can be achieved by providing compliance guidance.

- Liaise with each team within your project to provide qualitative or quantitively arranged risk assessment profiles for each element of the filming or event.

- Advise if required on plant and equipment use.

- Provide safety and security briefings.

- Advise on emergency planning and safety protocols in liaison with site / building specialists and stakeholders.

During your filming or event, we also can attend to provide safety coordination services:

- Monitor compliance to site / building rules.

- Ensure method statements and risk assessments are complied with.

- Where changes are required due to timing or location needs, provide guidance on ensuring the filming or event continues safely.

- Monitor cast and crew health and safety, including stress and mental health.

- Liaison with site / building and emergency services personnel.

- Manage accidents, incidents, and near misses and undertake (additional service) or assist with investigations if required to do so.