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From a commercial perspective, all infrastructure is of significant value and importance and must be fully protected as such. This is an even greater imperative in high-risk locations, such as major railway buildings, stations and railway infrastructure.

It’s therefore reassuring to know that our risk management and security audit and advice, covering construction safety, logistics and security, is recognised by authorities such as the Department for Transport.

Sharply focussed on safeguarding all staff, stakeholders and users, our comprehensive planning services comprise procedures, plans and processes that encompass all aspects of site safety and security.

Operators need to comply not only with national legislation but also industry-specific requirements. Accordingly, our site security audits pinpoint all areas that require improvement, enabling appropriate measures to be implemented to ensure they are appropriately strengthened.

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Enhancing your site security

Derisk’s priority is to ensure that you have a detailed and fully documented physical security management system. Our all-encompassing approach takes a 360-degree view of your operations, delivering everything from over-arching improvements in site safety and security to reducing crime and the development of additional safety measures, including enhanced visitor and contractor inductions. Our robust, end-to-end approach ensures that the delivery of key services and operational processes remain unaffected, even under the most demanding security requirements.

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The Security Stations Scheme is another key consideration. Derisk’s experts will report back with practical and non-practical assurance observations in both pre-audit and assistance capacities. Our depth and breadth of expertise enables us to assist in all aspects of rail risk and safety management, from network and passenger services to stations, freight and depots. It also means our highly experienced consultants can review, audit and improve established systems, as well as designing and implementing revised or entirely new strategies.

Our role as your health and safety consultants also entails the provision of retained services across a broad range of matters:

Our security audit services

Security audit and plans.

Reviews of local risk and vulnerabilities.

Risk assessment of public spaces.

Crime and security risk assessments.

All aspects of security training.

Table-top security analysis.

Construction site security.

Safe, secure logistics.

Event risk assessment