Promotions & additions to the teams

We are delighted to announce recent promotions and new additions across our diverse family of companies. We have an unwavering commitment to prioritising our people which remains at the core of our values. Promotions are not just milestones; they are celebrations symbolising our appreciation for the exceptional talents that drive our collective success.

Please join us in congratulating the new members of the team and the recently promoted ones — we’re excited to watch them excel in their new position, and we look forward to seeing the impact they will have on our team and across our businesses.




Patrick Aschan — Senior Group Health and Safety Advisor

Patrick Aschan’s journey within the company has reached a significant milestone as he assumes the position of Senior Group Health and Safety Advisor. From the inception of his tenure with the group, Patrick’s contributions have elevated him to an indispensable role within the Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) team.

In tandem with his recent promotion, Patrick has successfully completed the next phase of his professional development which will see him awarded with Chartered status, marking a double celebration for Patrick.



Adam Eagles — Project Director

Adam Eagles has been promoted to Project Director at De Group Contracting. With a wealth of 18 years of hands-on experience, Adam’s journey provides a robust foundation for his leadership role, particularly in steering high-end projects in the heart of central London.

In his new capacity as Project Director at DEGC, Adam is poised to bring a dynamic and seasoned approach to the helm of high-profile projects.



Cormac McLean AMIDE — Project Engineer

De Construction Solutions, also known as DE-CS, proudly announces the promotion of Cormac McLean AMIDE to the position of Project Engineer. Cormac embarked on his journey with DE-CS as a Graduate Engineer, specialising in temporary works design and demolition engineering. His remarkable ascent within the company is a testament to his dedication and expertise.

What sets Cormac apart is not just his academic prowess, but also his familial roots deeply embedded in the demolition sector. This unique blend of academic knowledge and first-hand industry exposure forms the cornerstone of Cormac’s proficiency. His strategic thinking and comprehensive skill set promise to elevate the standards of DE-CS projects.



David Barnhurst DipNEBOSH TechIOSH — Senior CDM/H&S Consultant

Derisk are pleased to promote David Barnhurst DipNEBOSH TechIOSH to the role of Senior CDM/Health and Safety Consultant. With an engineering foundation, he holds extensive experience in fire detection, alarm systems, public address, voice alarm, and security systems. Serving as Principal Designer, David aids clients in meeting CDM regulations, leveraging his expertise in Health and Safety management, ISO45001, and Quality/Environmental Management Systems (ISO9001 and ISO14001). His promotion underscores his rich contribution to Derisk.




Bradley Macklin
Contracts Manager, Decontaminate

Soon after leaving school, Bradley started working in the asbestos industry as a diligent labour manager. Over the course of the last decade, Bradley has emerged as a seasoned and accomplished contracts manager. In his role as a contracts manager at Decontaminate, Bradley brings to the table an unparalleled ability to navigate intricate contractual landscapes.

His adept negotiation skills, coupled with a deep understanding of industry regulations ensure the seamless execution of our asbestos remediation projects.

Navdeep Dhillon FICE
Director, De Construction Solutions

Navdeep Dhillon FICE, DE-CS Director, brings over 30 years of Chartered Engineer expertise, specialising in design, construction, and diverse projects. With a notable background in temporary works, volumetric analysis, environmental engineering, and more, she transitioned to DE-CS after success in high-profile ventures.

Throughout her career, Navdeep’s influence extended to training graduates within various roles. Currently, she dedicates time as a volunteer mentor for AFBE and serves as a supervising civil engineer for the ICE.
Known for pragmatism, organisational finesse, and strong communication, Navdeep excels in challenges and continuous skill development. Beyond her role, she actively contributes to coaching, training, and fostering the growth of future engineers.

Summer Upton
HSQE Advisor, DE Group

Liam McFall
Assistant Quantity Surveyor, Deconstruct

Ben Burt-Ryan
Assistant Quantity Surveyor, Deconstruct

Max McKay
Assistant Quantity Surveyor, Deconstruct

Lewis Andrews
Project Quantity Surveyor, DEGC

Piers Davison
Graduate Engineer, De Construction Solutions

Vishal Muthiah
Graduate Engineer, De Construction Solutions

Joby Thomas
Graduate Engineer, De Construction Solutions

Richard Hopkinson
CDM/Health and Safety Consultant, Derisk

If you are interested in joining dynamic companies undertaking challenging projects, stay tuned for the new vacancies across the Group.